Free-lance artist Magda Csutak was born in Transylvania (Romania) in 1945. Her main focus of interest is the question of the relationship between picture – image. She sees material as deterministic in cognitive processes as well as in unforeseeable developments on the communications level. The materials used by her to construct her pictures simultaneously represent her works´ essential theme. Through the agency of material she finds the perfect form in the ellipsis, in zero (so called “nothingness”) and thus the constantly moving perceptible world boundary. She has been living in Vienna since 1977.

Research Institute for Art History of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, Director László BEKE, 2011

Texte / Texts

Beke László

Eugen Gomringer
Ausstellung Magda Csutak, Budapest, 25. Mai 2006
Opening remarks at the Magda Csutak exhibition, Budapest, May 25, 2006

Astrit Schmidt-Burkhardt
Vernullung der Kunst. Über eine produktive Leerstelle der Moderne
The Zeroing of Art: On the Productive Lacuna of Modernism

Kolláth Zoltán
Anyag, fény, Univerzum, leképezés
Matter, Light, Universe, Imaging, Mapping

Schiller Róbert
Egy cseppnyi természettudomány
A taste of science

Magda Csutak
Die Annäherung an die Null
Approaching Zero

Beke László
Az ellipszis és a nulla. Csutak Magda művészeti kutatásai a tudományok rendszerében
Ellipse and Zero: The Artistic Research of Magda Csutak within the Systems of the Sciences

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